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Artist's Notes

Display and Signature

Due to the abstract nature of my work and the manner in which I paint, several of my paintings provide the patron with alternative ways of displaying. In a small way this allows for a collaboration between artist and patron. By rotating the composition, the emotive qualities and subtle narrative of the work shift slightly. It is also for these reasons that I sign my abstract paintings on the back of each work. 

Sudden cent.jpg

Suddenly Center

Suddenly flipped.jpg

Suddenly Center

Materials and Process

When investing in fine art, the patron should understand that they will be able to hand that work of art down for many generations to follow. One can be assured that the pigments and substrates I use are archival, light safe, and of museum quality. 

My mixed media process typically begins with sketches and washes in acrylic. This is followed by painting in oil pigments and cold wax medium. I then remove some of that work to reveal the history and depth below. See example on the right.


Although somewhat intuitive, the process allows me to move from form to contemplation and back again to form. It also brings forth a composition that might best be described as an abstract narrative.


Detail: Journey Beyond the Lucid Veil

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