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Thematic Portfolios

Flights of Spirit

The images in this suite are, in part, influenced by the phenomenon of lucid dreaming - a somewhat rare occurrence when the dreamer is able to experience her dream world consciously and anew. These abstract narratives tell non-linear stories influenced not by the physics of the waking world, but by a flight of spirit. They aim to capture the bond between humankind and nature - a time and place caught between the domestic and the wild, the physical and the spiritual.

Spectrum Time

Spectrum Time is a suite of images inspired by the phenomenon of "simultaneous contrast," a concept within the field of color theory that states a hue does not exist in a vacuum. Rather, our perception of a given color is visually influenced by the other colors around it - their hue, value and temperature. For this artist, these works are both instructive in forming future palettes as well as providing the simple joy of exploration. They are also inspired but the 20th century genres of color field painting and abstract expressionism. 


Reveille' is a small celebratory suite of images inspired by the artist's home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Her environment continues to provide the pulse that inspired richly colored paintings of movement. "The mountains are the point at which the heavens and the earth meet and the falls represent perpetual change. Every morning is a celebration of nature's reveille'."

Sanctuary of Nature's Kore

Sanctuary of Nature's Kore is a suite of mixed media works inspired by a communion with nature that involves not just what is observed but what is intuited. It is a bridge between worlds - what is perceived and what is beyond perception. The collection is also inspired by the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone. "Kore" refers to the Greek concept of "maiden." In these visual narratives, the concept of the feminine, in all of its strengths and complexities, is blended with a connection to nature and the seasons - maiden, mother, crone.